Pre-Purchase Inspection

Solid Knowledge For Solid Investments

Purchasing a house or property is a big investment. Southland Building understands the weight that goes with such a decision. 
That’s why we fully inspect the property you’re considering purchasing to ensure everything is in order and that the foundation is as solid as the property looks. 
That’s the reputation Southland Building has built over the years. 

Pre-purchase Property Inspection.

A pre-purchase inspection/report will indicate any current defects the property has, on-going maintenance (maintenance schedules) you may wish to consider as well as identify any possible work that has been carried out without a building consent.
The visual inspection includes:

  • Roof/flashings including ceiling cavity
  • Foundations/flooring/sub-floor
  • Cladding/spouting
  • Windows/doors
  • Structural integrity
  • Weathertightness
  • Stairs/balconies/insulation
  • Non-invasive moisture testing
  • Borer detection
  • Moisture detection
Licensed Building Practitioner

*SBL will undertake an Inspection of the council property file to obtain any information that is available on building consents issued for the property and the status of those consent.

*SBL will provide you with a written report (including photos) and discuss this report with you in order to answer any queries you may have.
Property Inspection

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